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How To Play Niu Niu and How To Win?

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How To Play Niu Niu and How To Win?

Bull bull otherwise known as Bullfight or Niu Niu is a simple game frequently depicted as a Chinese rendition of Poker and played on live seller halls in online club that generally target Asian market. The game is played with 6 standard card decks and the players are going up against the seller rather than one another. Visit us now to start your online niu niu journey!


Niu Niu Rules

The entirety of the niu rounds will start when the vendor pulls the standard card from the shoe and shows it to the players at the table. This card will pick the requesting where different cards will be played, and the seller will by then draw five extra cards each for the player 1-2-3 and the expert 1-2-3. Before the absolute of this is done, bets are as of now made on one of the two side bet choices which are Equal and Double.

Precisely when every one of the cards have been managed, the vendor will show the cards in the very sales that they have been administered, and the hands will be thought of and arranged. The bet with the first in class hand wins and acquires a settlement relying on the payout table. Two or three models would permit the vendor to draw cards face up, while supervising cards face down is a basically more typical framework, bringing to the game a piece of paralyze and power.


Niu Niu Hand Ranking

Exactly when managed, the 5-card hand is part in two segments, a set if three and a ton of two cards. The approach of three cards is amounted to the out and out of 10; if the completely out of the subsequent 2-card set in blend in with the 3-card set beats 10, the full scale is compelled by deducting 10 from the last score. Whatever remains will be veered from the Banker hand.

The bets are paid in understanding to the Niu payout table and the circumstance of the 5 card blend. The most un-arranging hand is the one that can’t be added for the totally out of 10 and this kind of hand is called No Bull:

10 + 9 + 8 + 4 +4

Bull 1 is a combo of 3 cards that can be added for the complete of 10, alongside 2 cards adding to 11 or 1:

Q + 9 + A + 8 + 3

Bull 2 is a hand with 3 cards amounting to 10 and 2 cards amounting to the complete of 2 or 12:

Q + 9 + A + 2 + 10

Bull 3 is a grouping with the 3-card split adding up to, while the remainder of the cards amount to 13 or 3:

J + 8 + 2 + 8 + 5

Bull 4 happens when 3 cards amount to 10 while the 2 extra cards bring about one or the other 4 or 14:

10 +10 +9 + 5

Bull 5 occurs with 3 cards adding to 10 and 2 cards bring about 5 or 15:

K + 8 + 2 + 9 + 6

Bull 6 is a hand with 3 cards that outcome in the absolute of 10 and two leftover cards give the all out of 6 or 16:

10 + 6 + 4 + 9 + 7

Bull 7 is the name of the hand with 3 cards adding to 10 and 2 cards giving the complete of 7 or 17:

K + 7 + 3 + 9 + 8

With Bull 8, two of the cards will add up to 8 or 18 while Bull 9 consolidates 3 cards adding up to in 10 and two cards that amount to 9 or 19:

Bull 8: K + Q + J + 7 + A

Bull 9: 7 + A + 2 + 3 + 6

Bull is directly close to the most noteworthy positioning hand in this game and it comprises out of 3 cards with the absolute of 10 and 2 cards with the complete of 10 or 20:

K + Q + 10 + 9 + A

At long last, 5 Gong is a hand made totally out of face cards, Kings, Queens and Jack:

K + K + Q + J + J


The Order of Dealing

Head card: The Dealer(Banker) will flip over the head card at the beginning of each game and choose to open the head card dependent on the centers (checking clockwise from the orientation of the Banker). Dependent upon the size of the header card (A=1 point, from 2 to K are equal to 2 to 13 centers, separately), 4 centers are segregated by the extra core interests.


How to win the bet?

In niu, Dealer will choose the requesting for five cards to be regulated by the head card for “Banker,” “Player 1,” “Player 2,” “Player 3.” Players will bet on 1 to 3 plays by making a level or bend around bet. Right when the size of the poker hand rundown of players bet is higher than the banker, the player controls the match.

Level wagering: Players and banker bet for a flatting bet, the result would be settled ward all well and good wagering possibilities without being affected by the outline of poker hands.

Bend over wagering: Player and banker play contort around bets, the result will be set up on curve around bets and the champ’s outline of poker cards.


Niu Niu Payouts

Both of the Player and Banker have different winning and losing odds, the payout rates are as shown in the table below:

Player and Banker Winning Odds Player and Banker Losing Odds
Hand Double  Equal  Hand Double  Equal
5 gong 1 : 4.75 1 : 0.95 5 gong 1 : 5 1 : 1
Bull Bull 1 : 2.85 1 : 0.95 Bull Bull 1 : 3 1 : 1
Bull 9 1 : 1.90 1 : 0.95 Bull 9 1 : 2 1 : 1
Bull 7 1 : 0.95 1 : 0.95 Bull 7 1 : 1  1 : 1


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