You must realize how strong your bankroll is and if it can cope with a big enough change within the limits you play online poker.
October 19, 2021

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Best Way to Blow Up your Bankroll with Online Poker

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The Top Way to Blow Up Your Online Poker Bankroll

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– Playing with a Higher Limit Than Operated by Your Bankroll

You must realise how strong your bankroll is and if it can cope with a big enough change within the limits you play. If you’re playing at a higher limit, that means there’s going to be better competition, you should also buy with more money, which means you’ll end up faster if things don’t go well. Ideally you have at least 40 purchases, at your bankroll to a certain limit, this will help get you through bad luck. There’s nothing wrong with going down from saying $1/2 to $.50/1 or even lower, it all depends on how strong your bankroll is and whether you feel comfortable playing those limits.

– Play Online Poker If You’re Ready

This usually happens if you’ve been experiencing an unreasonably bad streak, whether you’re knocked out of the final table with aces pockets or you’re knocked out of runner runners. A player who is likely to make a play on the grounds of unusual emotions he makes, he will raise with marginal hands, try to bluff more pots and generally play too many hands aggressively. Playing while you are on tilt can be a disastrous recipe and you are guaranteed to lose your entire savings if you are not careful. Rest and recover mentally before returning to the game, at least you will live to fight another day.

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– Chasing too much

It is not wise to chase whenever you see a series or series decision, you should consider pot odds and implied odds if you are considering pursuing, otherwise you will need to reload before you know it. The accuracy and you have scored straight series decisions, your opponents bet more than the pot, in this situation it is not worth it for you to call and chase, you will most likely miss the series and there is not enough money in the pot worth winning. Conversely if you score the same series with four opponents in the pot and you are in late position, you may want to call a half-pot bet, because if you make a hand you have the potential to lose a big pot, there is value for you to chase. Therefore, just pursue you while in position and there is value to you doing so.

– Chasing Your Losses

This is probably one of the most important things. You should know when to stop if you’re in a bad problem, every online poker player ends up being the victim of a change of fortune in the online poker world and you can’t do anything about it. I’ve seen a lot of people suffer big defeats and they never walk, they survive and hope the card fortunes change and they’ll break again. However it never happens and you will usually lose your entire savings if you use this strategy, you must know when to walk until you can live to fight the other day.

So, if you’re wondering why you keep losing, then go ahead and apply some of the tips offered in this article and you should be playing better online poker and be able to limit yourself than loading up your Online Poker Bankroll in the near future.


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