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Sic Bo Deluxe (Playtech) Game Review | Muda88 Reliable Online Casino Malaysia

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Sic Bo Deluxe (Playtech) Game Review

sic bo

Playtech released Sic Bo Deluxe in 2020 to add to the company’s extensive collection of live dealer games. After successfully running several live games in the Quantum series, Playtech had the opportunity with a new version of Sic Bo featuring Asian themes, colorful interfaces, and the best features. Get more details from Sic Bo Deluxe in the following sections below.

Overview of Sic Bo Deluxe

Playtech likes to add twists to their releases. Sic Bo Deluxe 2020 comes with additional opportunities for players to cash in on big wins. That’s an x1000 multiplier that you can’t find in other variations of Sic Bo. Dealers directly control the game from the developer’s studio in Riga, Latvia. Players get real-time video streaming and interact with dealers through live chat.

How to play

When you open the game interface, you get a wide-angle view of a well-decorated live studio. Red and gold highlights will make you feel appreciated like a VIP member of a casino. In the middle of the table, there is a Sic Bo Deluxe dice shaker. Behind the shaker, there are participants in another game who comments on events that occur on the table.

The game starts with a timed betting session. Here, players make bets based on how they feel from the outcome of the dice. Some popular bets include single number bets, total bets, and combinations. After the betting session ends, six random multipliers are selected and placed on different numbers. An automatic motor then shuffles the dice in three pulses. When it stops, the result in the face of the dice is recorded. Lastly, the bet is compared to the result to declare the winner.

Unique Features of Sic Bo Deluxe

Sic Bo Deluxe is a unique game that comes with amazing features. Here are the most interesting feature details:


For players who want to place a similar set of bets, the autoplay feature helps them do so easily. First, you have to place a bet. After that, enter the amount of bet you want and press Autoplay. An important point to note here is that your money should be large enough to cover all bets.

Road Map and Statistics

You can see the results on previous bets when playing Sic Bo Deluxe to help you make a more precise play. There are two parts to this. One shows a traditional road map featuring big/small bets, while the second part shows the results of the last ten outcomes.

View Mode

Playtech developed this game with cross-platform optimization. You can play on the small screen that is on the smartphone and the big screen on the desktop. The game allows you to switch between full view and low quality mode. We recommend the former for players who have a fast internet connection and the latter for those who have slow Internet.


Sic Bo is a profitable game. The overall RTP rate stands at 95% to 97.22%.


Sic Bo Deluxe brings the pleasure multiplier into a game that has a fast gameplay sequence. Therefore, players get the best of both worlds. We encourage you to try playing games today at online casinos that get games from Playtech.


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