January 21, 2022

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How Germany’s New Legislation Impacts Online Casinos | Muda88 Reliable Online Casino Malaysia

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How Germany’s New Legislation Impacts Online Casinos

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Germany has responded to an increasing number of online casino players with new laws in the area. The German Interstate Agreement for Gambling (ISTG) will have a significant impact on licensed casinos. While recent amendments or regulations can loosen certain restrictions on licensed casinos, this may affect the unlicensed casino market.

Let’s outline what this law means online casinos and the gambling industry.

Introducing Licensed Casinos In Germany

According to online gambling laws in Germany, games happen to be under the banner as legal and sometimes not.

Although the new law is still awaited to be enacted on July 1, some are beginning to be put into practice.

Based on various reports and experts, the new terms or amendments will be more accurate and use licensed casinos. However, licensed casinos in Germany face unstable conditions – where there are many restrictions, such as Darmstadt’s sports betting license.

Bookmakers and casino operators hope the new rules won’t get any more stringent or bizarre than ever.

What About Unlicensed Online Casinos In Germany?

First, let us verify false rumors that people believe that casinos without a license are illegal.

At the same time, some believe that unlicensed casinos are untrustworthy. However, both notions are incorrect because casinos without licenses are the ones holding licenses of foreign authorities. It is legal to play in casinos without a license, and it also provides a variety of opportunities, such as bonuses, wagering conditions, playing time frames, etc.

The new ISTG rules offer high pressure as well as freedom for unlicensed casinos. Starting July 1, providers from outside Germany are allowed to obtain a German license too. Many players will switch to casinos without a license due to various advantages such as deposit limits, bonuses, more openness, and minimal restrictions.

What Changes Can We Expect With Changing Regulations?

We do not know exactly what will be adjusted for July 1, 2021.

Experts make predictions, but experts repeat the possibility of specific changes such as advertising, loosening the ban on online slots and poker games, etc.

Slot Rules 5-Second

German authorities can carry a waiting period of 5 seconds after each turn. This situation will remain unfair to the audience. Therefore, the result may be attracting casinos without a license.

Bonuses and rewards

When compared to unlicensed casinos, bonuses and rewards are lower at licensed casinos. The German authorities are looking forward to making changes in this segment as well. Licensed casinos will be allowed to cover more bonuses but with multiple limits.

Fast production

Many players face the problem of slow withdrawal. Also, the withdrawal process often leads to crediting fewer amounts on the accounts of fraudsters. The main motive of the new rules is to manage fraudulent and infidelity activities. Therefore, a quick withdrawal policy is also something that could get into the new rules.


There is still ambiguity as to what the full impact of this legislation is. But, one thing is clear that the new rules will not affect players directly because they are made to deal with the problem of fraudsters alone.

The game in charge is one of the main considerations of the July 1 rule.

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